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Can anyone tell me why Payoneer's support is so unbelievably awful?

dleven Member Posts: 1
edited November 2020 in Ask The Community

I have a funding source. I wanted to change the bank account attached to my funding source. Payoneer does not give an option to change the bank account associated with a funding source.

I opened a ticket five days ago, still no reply. I tried to talk to them through the live chat. I was waiting for hours, clicked the "I want to wait" button every 5 minutes (as the system kicks you out during the 3 hour waiting if you are not in front of the computer for five minutes). I finally got connected with an agent! I told the agent my simple request, he told me to wait after knowing all the informations he needed to do the action. I was waiting. I was waiting until the system has closed the conversation due to my (!) inactivity while the agent asked me to wait because he did not know how to make that change. Do you believe this is a normal company and they contacted me urgently to ask for forgive and make me that change in two minutes? No, I am still waiting for days and still no action has been made by Payoneer.

So my question is: why is Payoneer's support so awful?