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Best ATM or bank teller to withdraw in the US

I'm traveling to the US with my Payoneer Card and wish to withdraw from ATM or bank tellers, but can't find enough information and am not clear on fees.

First of all, anyone with experience withdrawing from different banks with your Payoneer card? Which bank has the lowest ATM fees to withdraw with our Payoneer card?

My balance is in USD and I will withdraw in USD.. does the 2% apply here, or only the $3.15 per transaction? For example (taking any local fees out), if I request a $500 withdrawal in one transaction, will I be charged $3.15 or $13.15 (3.15 for the transaction and an additional $10, that being 2% of $500)?

Finally, I read that you can withdraw cash from a bank teller using your card, can I go to ANY bank in the US and ask to withdraw? or should I go to a specific bank (Bank of America, chase, other)?

Thank you!