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Payoneer said I should Reregister a New Account

uzorsmart Member Posts: 3
**Please I will be glad if Payoneer officer in this community also address this issue.**
I was asked by Payoneer to verify my account with photo ID. I uploaded the Voters card I used in the initial opening of the account.

After days, the account verification department replied that they needed another means of identification different from the one I sent.

The fact is that there is error in the initial voters card I used to open my Payoneer account. To correct this mistake, I wrote to Payoneer. The response I got from them is shown below:

"We understand you made a mistake in your date of birth when registering for a Payoneer account. At this time, we are unable to update the date of birth on your account. Instead, we kindly ask that you reregister for a new account from our website with the correct information using a new email address.

You may apply for a new Payoneer account by visiting payoneer. When reapplying please make sure to remember your username, password and secure answer.

If you are working with a company that offers payments via Payoneer, you can apply for an account directly from your account with that company and receive payments."

**My question is this: **
(1) If a register a new Payoneer account, will Payoneer transfer the money I have in my current account to the new one. I would have used the funds in the account but Payoneer disabled access to the funds in the card because of the verification issue.

Please I need guide and answer on this.