hi i am keshab

keshab.nayakkeshab.nayak Posts: 5Member

i frm india ..i was old me,ber of  this...


nice to meet you 


  • MelisaMelisa Community Manager Posts: 1,749Administrator ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Welcome! :)


    Payoneer Director of Community 


  • DeviLDeviL Proud Member of Payoneer Posts: 264VIP Member ✭✭

    Hello Keshab, welcome to payoneer forum =)

  • buxspecialbuxspecial Posts: 19Member ✭✭

    I also want to say " Welcome into the Payoneer forum " :thumbsu:


    I also new in the forum, but i advice to you that maximum participate the fourm then you know batter  about Payoneer

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