Closed my Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard

Yori21Yori21 Member Posts: 3
I receive this from Payooner

Following our recent communication, we have closed your Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® card/s ending in ****. Any funds that may have been on your card/s have been moved to the corresponding currency balances in your Payoneer account.
How do I access my Payoneer account?
Use the same credentials you’ve always used to sign in. You’ll notice a slightly different interface that will allow you to access and use your funds.

Can I withdraw my funds?
Yes! you can withdraw your funds to your local bank account. If you haven’t added a bank account to your Payoneer account yet, you can do so here. In addition, you could use your funds to make payments to contractors and suppliers. """

what that means ? I can not use my card again for ATM?
But I need it , it's my only way , I sent to the support before and told this point , they answer me and told me just keep using your card fully and will be fine , last month use it twice and now send me that :/
I can not understand why this complexity :(
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