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Terrible service - whats going on?

Kaol Member Posts: 1
This is an extremely frustrated customer. I'm waiting months to get paid into my bank and Payoneer don't even look at my emails. I've provided everything requested on numerous occasions and still nothing happens. Everytime I send an email I'm waiting at least 8 days for a template response which just asks me to do the same thing again an so begins an endless loop. I feel like getting legal advice at this stage as I can't even get someone to answer basic questions. All the time these funds sit in a Payoneer account accruing interest on their behalf and it beggars belief a company can treat customers the way Payoneer do and not face some kind of sanction. If anyone has had similar experience and I'm sure I'm not the only one please share and let me know what I can do?


  • DemiJ
    DemiJ Member Posts: 1
    Me too. I am in the same position as you are. No one has contacted me for a month now. I still am not able to receive my payments. I wish my company used a different service provider, Payoneers customer care is so pathetic!!!