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Fee for idle account

Hello there,

I didn't use my Payoneer account in the past two years. Last month when I logged in I saw a notification message which says 29.95 dollars will be deducted from an inactive account if that account did not make any transaction over a year.

Now if I issue a bank withdrawal from my Fiverr account to my local bank account via Payoneer, will Payoneer deduct the fee? How to avoid this fee as I didn't aware of their policy change.



  • Leonid_Payoneer
    Leonid_Payoneer Administrator Posts: 544 ✭✭✭

    Hi @samintawsib thank you for a good question.
    No, you won't be charged for an idle account if you don't have a balance as of now.

  • mtera1960
    mtera1960 Member Posts: 3
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  • samintawsib
    samintawsib Member Posts: 2
    > @Leonid_Payoneer said:
    > Hi @samintawsib thank you for a good question.
    > No, you won't be charged for an idle account if you don't have a balance as of now.

    Hello @Leonid_Payoneer , Thanks for the reply. I'm not transferring money to my Payoneer. I will transfer directly to my local bank from Fiverr.

    So as you've told, Payoneer will not charge me the fee for an idle account if I initiate a transaction from Fiverr to the local bank?
  • mtera1960
    mtera1960 Member Posts: 3
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