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I received this notification from Payoneer

tahirrana Member Posts: 1
edited December 2020 in Popular Questions and Tips
Hi Sir I received this notification from Payoneer.Urgent reminder: Your card will be deactivated on 7 Dec 2020 if we don’t receive your documents
Please submit the missing documents required to keep your Payoneer card active. Your card will be deactivated if you do not submit these documents as soon as possible.
When i click on submit document button then there is no required document. i already submit document of National ID. kindly guide me i am worried about that


  • Marutwist
    Marutwist Member Posts: 4
    Same here buddy, I'm about to cry! My savings from my freelancing business are in that account and I can only use the funds through the card, which is about to be deactivated on Monday. I responded immediately and contacted support, and managed to upload new documents again, but I highly doubt they'll review them during the weekend, meaning the card is doomed. They gave me this bad news on Thursday, as in two days ago. Now I only have 2 out of 4 days before my card dies and leaves my hard-earned money in Payoneer limbo. That is totally disrespectful to your clients.

    They have also removed the "make a payment option" from my account (I have already submitted the required documentation but it may take a while to review) and I can't even pay some of my collaborators for their services. Basically, my funds will be inaccessible to me starting on Monday.

    I'm leaving this comment here in case we get an answer. At least I am not the only one going through this stressful situation. I have submitted everything from a rental contract, to my marriage certificate and for some reason, they don't get accepted. Client number 15856409