My Prepaid card going to be deactivated in 7 December 2020

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Hey Guys, let me explain you my situation.
when i register in Payoneer i didn't use my own address, Why i didn't use my own address ?? because i want to get prepaid card and i face a lot of problems with my address. i tried to buy 3 times from different stores online like alixpriss and others and i never get my product and when i ask The government sector concerned with neighborhoods they told me that i live in a new neighborhoods that's why i never get any mail or product. so i decide to use My aunt's address and i get the prepaid card with My aunt's address, so now payoneer asks me to provide the verification for that address so i provide them an electricity bills that i get from my aunt and they reject it and now i need to provide them a verification with my name and that's possible. please give me some help guys i don't want to lose my prepaid card!!!

and sorry for my bad english.


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