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Payoneer card deactivating

Hi. I got a msg stating that my payoneer card will become deactivated if I don’t verify my address. I wanted to cancel my card for so long but I couldn’t. Now I have a chance.
But I have a few questions.
1: My funding sources are attached to my payoneer card. If I choose to deactivate my card, will the payment from my funding source for eg. Upwork, will be received in my payoneer account? Or Let say I remove the payoneer card from Upwork after deactivating the card and then add my payoneer account, will my payment be received in payoneer account?
2: there is the annual maintenance fee of $ 29.95 yearly, will that be waived after I deactivate my card ? (Not talking about the fee that you charge when the payoneer account is not used for a year )
3: Can I easily transfer my money from payoneer account to my local bank after deactivating the card ?
Please answer these questions as soon as possible. I have tried live chat option but your agents are always busy ?