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I deleted my PayPal that was linked to my Payoneer and now I can't add my bank account.

I just deleted my PayPal that was linked in my Payoneer to change it to my bank account but now it shows "You don’t have any available bank accounts at this time. For more information, contact us." I already sent an email but it gave me an automated reply that doesn't answer any of my question. Please help.


  • ksao
    ksao Member Posts: 1
    Same here...
    I have deleted a withrawal account to add another one since I can use only 3 bank accounts, it did let me delete it of course but there is no way to add a new one, the result is that my money is STUCK and nobody is replying to my tickets, they switch is as RESOLVED but it's not !
    I used to have some one to chat with but now this option is off and the worst is that thet don't reply...
    I having a big trouble with my customer since he paid me and I can't use his money to buy some materials to install on his site ! Payoneer is going to RUIN my business and get me a bad reputation !
    As soon as I get my money out I'll never use their service and will never ever recommend them !
    that's it ! Never expected having this type of issues!