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FastSpring + Payoneer?

Viktor_H Member Posts: 4
Good day!

I'm a software developer.

I'm using the FastSpring ( to collect money paid by users of software I make.
FastSpring pays me using the FastSpring Payouts ( powered by Hyperwallet (

I want to do the following:
1. Transfer USD from the FastSpring Payouts to my Payoneer account via the Global Payment service.
2. Order a USD prepaid card from Payoneer.

I've read this page:
It tells that I need at least $100 except "payments from e-wallets such as Paypal or Skrill".

Hyperwallet is a solution used by companies to pay salaries. It's not similar to "wallets" described here:

My question is: can I order a card if all payments to my Payoneer account will be from FastSpring?

Please understand: I need a definite answer before I'll transfer money to Payoneer.