Can't Order New USD Card (To replace Expired Card)

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My card expired in November 2020. I was using the card actively since 2018. I was not given the option to order a replacement within the 90 days, and now that it is expired, I am still not being given that option. When I try to order a new card, it says that I cannot as I already have a card of that type. It will let me order cards for alternative currencies.

I have seen that there is now a requirement for proof of residence to be sent, but I have no option to send any through the verification center. If this is the problem, how can I send it through?

Also, if I can no longer order a card due to some other ineligibility, then I need that expired card cancelled anyway so I can withdraw its balance to my account.

Please advise ASAP. My cash flow and online payments are at risk because of this.

Also, please consider introducing a proper ticket system with a form and direct chat to customer care specialists. A forum is not professional.


  • lepinko
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    Hello, I have a similar issue. My USD card expired last year I think and I threw it. Now I want to get a new card, but it won't let me as it wants me to input the number of the card I threw, which of course I can't remember!

    I contacted Payoneer support about 2 weeks ago but still no reply. Any ideas?
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