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USD funds inaccessible, and I am unable to request a new card

lepinko Member Posts: 2

I have an USD account, for which I also had a card. The card expired last year and I threw it. I did not have a card for a while, as I was not using this currency much. Now I have received some funds in this currency, and need to get it somehow.

To my surprise:
- I can't transfer the funds to my bank.
- I can't convert the funds to another currency (GBP), from which I can get transfers without problem.
- I can't order a new card, as it asks me to put the number of the old card, which I threw after it expired.

This is a personal account. I have another, business account, which works fine and I actually never had a card for it.

I do not understand why my funds are blocked from being transferred or converted, or why even the number of an expired card is required 2 years later to request a new card.

I have opened a ticket about 2 weeks ago, but no reply. Anyone has an idea?

Thank you