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Your account is cancelled, please call customer support

I've my payoneer account since 2015 , didn't use it since three years ago but I've recently sent a payment from freelancer .com to my payoneer account. but my payoneer card is expired at 6/17 .So , when I try to withdraw my money to local bank account it tells me : *Your account is cancelled, please call customer support* and I can't proceed after that.

My question is how to reopen my account , I've tried to send a message to the support . Also How to order new card if I can't load my money into my payoneer account ?


  • FoxtrotDelta04
    FoxtrotDelta04 Member Posts: 2
    good question. was this ever resolved @ibrahim_ragab
  • maryjoyceacosta
    maryjoyceacosta Member Posts: 0
    Hi guys. So I made an account with the wrong email then I made another one with the correct email. All the details regarding the accounts should be the same other than the email. What should I do to have the one with the correct email opened? When I try to log in with the correct email it shows me that the account is blocked and to contact payoneer but all I get are automated replies.
  • Aleksandra_Payoneer
    Aleksandra_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 2,608 ✭✭✭

    @maryjoyceacosta Hey there!
    I understand that the issue has been already resolved!
    Please let us know if it still persists :)