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Missing money. Withdrew 169 USD but only got 133 USD

Mshari98 Member Posts: 2
Hello, I put a request to withdraw 169.27 USD (After fees) and just now I received a message from my bank telling me I only got paid 133.11 USD? What happened to the rest of the money?
I have done a withdrawal before this one (63.14 USD) and have got the full amount.
Can you please look into this? I will attach photos if needed.
My bank currency is in SAR, if you look up 63.14 USD to SAR it'll be 236 SAR which is the correct amount I got. However today I withdrew $169.27 but only received 499.36 SAR which is 133.11 USD.
What do I do? I'm having problems contacting payoneer's support.