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How long does the verification take???? I am embarrassed I have Payoneer!!!

are you joking??????
My card has been blocked since October 27th, there are no replies and no movement in the process!
Now you are sending me these generic automated emails saying I did not submit all information - when I log in to my Payoneer account there is NO OPEN REQUIREMENTS.
Already twice!!!! Now I just received an email that my withdrawal cannot be processed!!! 
Honestly, I am so annoyed I opened an account with you, this is beyond ridiculous! I am embarrassed to say I have Payoneer account to my business partners - this is how bad the reputation is!Start acting professional - like real banks do!!!! 
CustomerID: 38981529


  • LynnPayoneer
    LynnPayoneer Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello there,

    Unfortunately we are unable to assist with specific account-related issues on the Payoneer community forum. Please be sure to contact customer care via phone (1 (800) 251-2521) or chat (if applicable) if you are seeking assistance with something on your online account.

    We also encourage you to view the many different announcements as your question or concern may have been addressed in one of those threads.

    Thank you!

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