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anubias Member Posts: 1
Hi. I requested a withdrawal to my local bank on 4TH of Dec 2020 and i got a confirmation on same day but till now i have not received any fund in my local account.
This is my first time of withdrawing.
Please help, what could be wrong.
I am yet to receive the money ooo
Really stranded now as i don't have any cash in my local account. Thanks
Customer ID 41092551
Transaction ID 244406166


  • bounehamal
    bounehamal Member Posts: 5
    Same thing happens with me I withdraw 103$ from my Payoneer account to my Local Bank Account and i get the confirmation Email 9 Days ago but i didn't receive the money yet what is the problem i contact the support but No answers I don't know why they ignore my massages,
  • mustapha_ibrahim
    mustapha_ibrahim Member Posts: 1
    Same here i initiated a withdrawal on 20th November got confirmation thesame day and i am still waiting for my money.
    I contacted my bank and they told me they didnt receive any money or notification from Payoneer.
    To top it all up Payoneer refuse to reply my e-mails which i sent on 2 december.
    At first i thought it was normal since it is my first withdrawal but it is taking alot of time and i am running out of patience.
  • Fuekan
    Fuekan Member Posts: 3
    Same here, its been more than a week since they confirmed my payment but still nothing in bank account. Their support team don't care about us...
  • bounehamal
    bounehamal Member Posts: 5
    This is really a big issue the worst part is there no response to the message we send because they are the only connection between us but they ignore them and this is very frustrated, at least they should write a post on Twitter or news about this problem because this issue are general so we understand what happens with them