Stuck in Approval !

am stuck now for more than 17 days i do not know what to do should i create another account?
i do not know what to do am just stuck .... help me !
ID : 41130049


  • GavinStanford
    GavinStanford Member Posts: 2
    I have been struggling with Approval of replacement card since 8 Oct 2020.
  • LynnPayoneer
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    edited December 2020

    Hi there,

    Thank you for posting.

    As we can only provide general information and answers here on the community forum, we are unable to address your specific, account-related concerns.

    However, we are happy to let you know we have a topic here that discusses your question:

    Why Isn't My Account Approved FAQ

    Should you find that guide to be unhelpful, please contact Customer Support.

    Thank you!

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