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Stuck at merging two accounts, the support doesn't answer my messages

Acharius Member Posts: 1
I have an older Payoneer account that I didn't use for several years. Now I would like to start using it again so that I can receive payments from companies that I work for. I can still log into that older account. When I asked your support if I can continue to use this account, I was told that I need to open a new account (with a new email address) and then ask that the older and new account be merged into one.

I did exactly that (over a month ago) but STILL nothing has been resolved. The new account appears to be blocked and I have no feedback from the support about the status of my request that the old and new account be merged. My support tickets are answered only by meaningless automated emails, not by real people.

I also chatted with your live support several times and was assured that my request for merging the accounts would be resolved within a day or a few days, and yet here I am more than a month later and I am still in a kind of limbo.

Could someone please advise what I could do now to resolve this issue finally?