Can I have a Payoneer Account without having a local bank account since I don't need to withdraw ?

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My case is a little complex : Today, I've applied for a payoneer account as an online seller.
During the application review, I was asked to provide a local bank account, but unfortunately, I don't have a bank account because in my country, only employees or local business owners can have them.
So this step in the application process can't be completed.
In my case, I'll only make online purchases or money transfers to other payoneer-account holders.
So, I really don't need a local bank account to use Payoneer.
Will my application be rejected if I don't provide them with a bank account ?
In case my application gets approved. Can I use the same account to get paid by freelance websites or should I set up another account as a freelancer ?
If you need more details, please don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you very much.