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Hi Nissim,


I just want load my cash in PayPal to Payoneer Card, so I have tried to load some fund from my PayPal account.  However, US payment service asked me "a detailed explanation as to the source of the payments", and all my requests are in waiting status now.


I already answered the US payment questionnaire by filling as my online activity URL, and my account has been activated successfully.  As far as I know, PayPal is a registered company of US payment service, so I don't know what I have to prove more to load fund from my PayPal account.


I look forward to listening from you in the near future. Thanks!


Regards, Kim


  • Nissim
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    PayPal is an eWallet that allows you to receive payments from 3rd parties or companies. In order to comply with online payment regulations, we would need to know the source of your PayPal payments - in other words the line of business (what the payments are for). 


    This is not something that we can resolve via the forum and you will need to reply to the e-mail you received with the requested information.