Got an automated message saying I want to cancel my account?

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I really don't understand what's happening with payoneer, I sent a support message exactly a week ago asking how I should verify my address because the current documents don't have my family name on them. I receive an automated email reply today that says this:

This is an automatic message

We understand that you would like to proceed with your existing Payoneer account cancellation.

According to our records there is an active mass payout payee on your account. Before we can proceed with your request to close your account, please let us know if you are planning on using your payee in the future.
If you are not planning on receiving payments from any of your currently linked funding sources (payees) and in case the payee(s) which is linked to your account belongs to someone else, please advise us, so that we could disconnect the mentioned payee(s) from your account before its closure.

Otherwise, please verify your date of birth in the following format (MM/DD/YYYY) in order to proceed with your account cancellation right away.
*For other inquiries, please submit a new ticket through our Support Center.

This is getting really frustrating, not only I've been unable to talk to a real human support agent, it also seems like my account is trying to cancel itself magically. What am I supposed to do here?
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