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I cannot reach a human and I get generic responses on email, social media and on phone support

deeadany Member Posts: 1
I have a problem that requires human communication but I just cant get to get that. My account is limited in such a way that I have no option of contacting support on livechat or on email. I got a payment and it was canceled and they are yet reimburse it back to the sender despite promising to do so in a few business days. So I tried contacting them like a person who cant login and so I indicated that the query but immediately I sent it the computer gave me a generic response that I need to contact the company on livechat (Same livechat that is inaccessible).
Then I decided to call the customer help line seeking to speak to a human. Again an automated message responded and indicated that "they are serving clients getting payments" and so I should go back to the website (the same website that has the livechat that is inaccessible from my account and an email that the computer gives a generic response for)
How else do I contact customer support? And ooh, about social media, I have been there, done that. They wont respond there either.

Frustration galore.