Fund does not load to my card

I have balance on my account but it does not load to my card automatically. try to contact with payoneer but could not found any way. if any one know what to do please advise.


  • mohvn00mohvn00 Member Posts: 5
    what should i do please answer it i need that asap
  • mohvn00mohvn00 Member Posts: 5
    i got the same problem did you find anything??
  • jeanphillippejeanphillippe Member Posts: 1
    Me too, I have money on some old "card" , its showing on some "card" without a card attached, the new arrived card balance is $0 and I cant use the remaining balance, only withdraw it. Would love some answer from Payoneer, dont let me down! - Dec 15,2020
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