Global Payment Services not Enabled

I am having an issue with my Payoneer account, I no longer have the Global Payment Services option and I have been calling since Dec-08th to have the option added to my Payoneer account, I was told it takes 48 hours, so I waited, after the time passed, the option was not added to my account, so I was told it needs to be resubmitted and I need to wait another 48 hours, I wanted and I called on Sunday, I was told that weekends do not count so I waited some more, and I called early Tuesday and I was asked again to wait, however, instead of fixing the problem, I now have a second issue, because my Payoneer Master Card was blocked and I am no longer seeing in on my account, I would like to know why my card was blocked? I am a little upset because I was told that it cannot be reactivated, and without access to my Master card, I do not think I will be able to receive my money before Christmas, and to be honest if it was just me that would be alright, I am usually a very patient person, and I could wait for one month, however, now my children are involved and as a Father that loves his children, I am not sure how I will be able to but their toys now, not only that, no food on Christmas day, that is what scares me the most, the agents that I talk to are not able to give me any information, I feel like I violated the user agreement but, no one is telling me, but, I am very sure I didn't do anything of the sort.

All I am asking for is to have the Global Payments Services enabled to allow me to continue transferring my money from my PayPal account to my Payoneer account, is it usually this hard?

Will I need a new card since my card still has 5 months left?


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    Hi folks,

    I hope you are well.

    As we cannot provide support here on the community forum, we are unable to address your specific, account-related concerns.

    However, please direct your attention to the following topic about your situation, as you may find the answer that you seek:

    Global Payment Service not available - FAQ

    Should you find that guide to be unhelpful, please contact customer support via call, chat, or e-mail.

    Thank you!

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