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One month and I still cannot get my information verified

One month and I still cannot get my information verified, I called the support (and they machine hang up the call) the and I still do not have help ( I tried by chat and still get the same). I want feedback and help to set up my payonner account properly if there is a mistake. I have money in my account and I am not able to use it.


  • KazPayoneer
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    Hi there, @Luciano_Olmedo,

    The best way to check if your account is verified or not is to check the verification center of your online account. This will tell you the information that is requested, which is being reviewed, and which is approved.

    It is noteworthy that for account verification we will ask for identity-related documents (government ID, proof of residence, etc). If those are approved, it is fairly safe to assume that your account is verified, but you should always contact support to check for sure.

    Other documents such as the business profile, and Global Payment Service questionnaire are usually not necessary to be approved for verification, and are usually reviewed only after you have received payments. It is still smart to have everything submitted to decrease the chance for any delays during reviews. If we need more information from you in regards to those two items, we will ask for it in an e-mail, and you will know if it is needed in accordance with a payment or not.

    I hope this was at least, a bit helpful. As this is a question about your specific account, we are unable to answer it but hope this generalized answer can lead you to the right direction.

    For support, please contact via phone, chat, or e-mail.

    Thank you!

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