It's been 20 day's but my account not approved

I created my account and submitted documents in 27th January. But still not got approved. There may be two reasons for not approving:
1) I uploaded a scanned copy of the National Identification card. Maybe Payoneer accept the only photo of ID card taken with a phone camera
2) I gave my country name wrong. I am from Bangladesh but in my account, it shows my country name "Dominica".It's a mistake made by me.
so, these two are maybe the reason my account still not approved

II tried to contact Payoneer through online support. I got no response. Then I decided to close my account and recreate it again. I sent a request to close my account through Payoneer online support. Still, it's been 7 days, my account isn't been closed.

I want to use Payoneer. Please Help me to fix my problem, approve my account, and let me use Payoneer. Otherwise, let me close my account so that I can create a new account again. I gave a call to customer care but they don't receive it. I have nowhere to go now. Please help me.


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    Hey there,

    I hope you are well. Thank you for posting.

    As we cannot provide support here on the community forum, we are unable to address your specific, account-related concerns.

    However, please direct your attention to the following topic about your situation, as you may find the answer that you seek:

    My Account's Not Approved - FAQ

    Should you find that guide to be unhelpful, please contact customer support via call, chat, or e-mail.

    Thank you!

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