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What happens if a bank payment doesn't go through?

tan28 Member Posts: 4
just in case, if a bank payment fails, or the bank rejects the payment, or bank info is wrong, what happens to the money in the account?
Does the money stay in Payoneer until the issue is resolved or what? in other services that I have used they would send a DD, does Payoneer also do that?


  • KazPayoneer
    KazPayoneer Confirm Email, Member, Administrator Posts: 1,559 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey there,

    I hope you are well. Thank you for posting.

    As we cannot provide support here on the community forum, we are unable to address your specific, account-related concerns.

    However, in cases where the wrong bank details are entered, the bank usually will see the attempted withdrawal and reject it. This means your funds would return to your account after this process ends, which takes about 14 business days.

    When the funds return you would be notified, and would have the opportunity to correct the bank details so that the transfer may be sent successfully.

    We also want to emphasize that Payoneer generally has no way of expediting the matter, as we would be waiting for the funds to return from your bank.

    Should you need account specific support, please contact customer care.

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