Yearly Fees, Account Deletion and Many More

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Hello, i have this huge problem and i really really need help. I don't know how to DM people here if it is possible and any admin or someone who can help me, please contact me (this is like TLDR part 1) and English is not my native language, sorry for any sentence that doesn't make much sense.

i will try to write my issues as simple as possible in case people as lazy as me reading stuff:

1: I heard paypal and payoneer introduced yearly fees for inactive accounts. As i understand it is going to happen to the accounts even though they have 0 funds(is it? and my account is 0 funds) so i wanted to delete my account. Went to "contact us" and asked for "close account" which is done perfectly. However i thought there was a way to permanently delete account so, there would be no fear of "fees" or "debts"...

2: Now my account is "blocked" and i can not login. However, i am in the fear of "even though my account is closed and i already deleted my bank account, will somehow payoneer give me yearly or monthly fees which will add up as debt that will make me face payoneer in the future??"

3: Kinda related with all of these: I am changing my email adress (gmail) and i can not update my email since my account on payoneer closed. So trying to "unlock" my payoneer account didn't work. I tried password reset and contact us options already.

4: I tried reaching live chat which is always "cancelled" and i can not make a phone call because it will cost me a fortune from my country.

5: At least i would like to have someone to reach me from my email or here so i can really ask questions in live -with people- instead of having automated messages.

6: Extra Information about my account: As far as i know i don't have payoneer card. I mean only thing i know about my account is i linked my bank account to it and don't have a physical card. Before closing the account i deleted my bank account.

I think these mostly sums up my situation.

TLDR Part2: I fear from fees becoming debt even though i closed my account and deleted my bank account from it. I can not in anyway loging or do anything with my account since its closed. Out of fear i also asked for "deleting personal info" option to delete this account. I really don't know what to expect and i really need an admin or someone from payoneer team to help me.

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    Hi there!

    Thanks for your post. I can answer some but not all of your questions as I cannot answer questions that are account specific. But here is some information about the annual inactive fee that I hope and trust will answer most of your questions.

    The Payoneer account fee is only applicable for users who are inactive in using their active Payoneer accounts. If there is no action for 12 months in an active, open Payoneer account, the fee will be applied to the account. If an account is closed, there is no fee that is charged or accumulated.

    If your account does not have a balance after the account has been inactive for 12 months, a fee will not be charged or owed.

    Any remaining funds in an account will be charged. This means if you have been keeping 15 USD in the account, and are inactive fr the year, the 15 USD will be charged as the inactivity fee. You will not owe the difference.

    None of this applies to accounts that are closed. Fees do not accumulate for closed accounts, or amounts with a 0 balance.

    I hope this was thorough. If you still have confusion I would suggest contacting customer support.

    Wishing you a safe and happy new year!


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    Thank you very much for such a quick answer. It was really helpful.

    I wish you a safe and happy new year too!
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