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Not receiving two-steps verification code + Password reset details don't match

FedFod Member Posts: 2
Hi all,
this morning I tried to log in into my Payoneer account, I usually log once per month.
I arrived to the two-steps verification part, and my phone was not receiving the code.
I tried the "call me" method but it didn't work as well.

So I checked if my phone was working correctly and could receive sms and calls, and everything works fine.

Looking online then I searched for solutions. One thing was to reset my password through email.
I received the reset email from Payoneer and proceeded to reset it.

BUT, the details I input in the reset form seem not to be matched by the system!
I am sure it's all correct. Even my phone number starts and ends as the one in the two-steps verification page.
I dont' understand, can it be that I've been hacked?

I'm really starting to freak out here, so I'm super grateful for every help.
Wish you all a good new year!


  • LynnPayoneer
    LynnPayoneer Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 109 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey there!

    We're sorry to hear you're unable to access your account.

    Please check out this announcement for detailed troubleshooting on what to try if you're unable to login -

    I Can't Access My Account, What Can I Do?

    Rest assured, if you're seeing your information is the same (phone number, email) it is unlikely your account is hacked. But of course, at any time please contact Customer Support for this concern.

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