I made a mistake in entering a recipient's bank account.

I withdrew a payment to a recipient's bank account and I'm still wondering on why my recipient still haven't received it. It turns out that I have entered the wrong details of my recipient's bank account. Is there any way that I can reverse this transaction. (It's still pending btw)


  • LynnPayoneer
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    Hi there!

    If the transfer is still pending and the funds have not yet left Payoneer, contact Customer Support to see if it can be canceled.

    If the funds have already left Payoneer, any funds sent to incorrect bank details automatically bounce back to your account in up to 14 business days. In this case you can also contact the bank the funds were sent to, to see if they can reverse the payment sooner.

    In either case, Customer Support will be able to check the exact status of the transfer and assist you from there.

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