Why did Payoneer transfer money to my bank account by itself?

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Hello! Can you answer one question for me? Please reply! I received a money transfer from Envato Pty Ltd to my Payoneer account, but the money on the account did not linger, there was an immediate transaction to my bank account, I assure you, I did not make any transfer myself, how could it happen that the funds were automatically transferred to my Bank account ???


  • LynnPayoneer
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    Hello there!

    This simply means your current method of payment for Envato is set to bank transfer. With this payment method, your payments are sent directly to your bank account.

    You can view the current settings for your funding sources on your Payoneer account under the "Activity" tab - select "Funding Sources".

    If you are interested in switching your payment method please contact Customer Support for assistance.

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