Need help with my withdrawal

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I made a mistake when adding a bank account. Instead of entering the bank account number, I entered my visa debit card number. However my card status was approved then. I later made a withdrawal to this bank account and been noticed that the transaction is done but I've still not get my money yet. Is it valid to input a visa debit card number instead of bank account number? When the transaction is completed but Payoneer fails to transfer my money, can I get my money back?


  • Valentino_Payoneer
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    Hey @quangoffer

    Please be advised to contact the receiving bank to understand if you can make transfers to your account with a card number.

    If the transfer was made to incorrect bank details, it should be refunded back to your Payoner account within 14 business days.

    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • nirmalwee27
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    Did you got your money back? I did the same mistake
  • 20PARVEZ04
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    Hey @Valentino_Payoneer
    I am having the same issue here how do I transfer my money to my bank visa card