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Client has problem choosing payment method

georgsoloman Member Posts: 2
I (individual, Ukraine resident) have send a payment request to my client (individual, UK resident),
but despite Payoneer claims there are different payment options
available, in fact she can choose 1 out of 1, specifically Credit card.
But my client wants to pay me using her Debit, not Credit card.

How to make it possible for my client to pay using Debit Card? And why this problem happens?

I need your help, because unfortunately Payoneer team can do no better than autoreplies .


  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    Hi @georgsoloman

    This may be due to the card issuer of your client, sometimes card companies do not allow to have a debit card charged as a credit card. Sometimes clients are able to contact their card issuing company and they could be able to override this.

    Please contact us if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to assist you.