Space for shipping address in application form is not enough

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I am trying to apply for a payoneer card , but unfortunately my full shipping address is longer than the space provided in the 2 address lines in the application form (it is more than 60 characters long).


I am concerned that if my shipping address is not written completely , the card might get lost in shipping and I might not recieve it to my address. For that reason I have delayed applying the card till I get a solution to solve this.


1. Is there a solution so I can write/ include my full shipping address , which is more than 60 characters provided for the address line in the application form, to avoid any card lost during shipping ( to avoid card not reaching the address)?


2. Another question is, would an unfinished sentence in the first address line pose a problem if it was continued in the second line?


FYI, I have sent an email to customer support regarding this problem, but I got no replies yet up till now. My ticket number is LTK1215303293414X. Hope you can help me on this.




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    I see that our customer support department already replied to your e-mail. To answer your questions:


    1) Unfortunately we cannot support more than 30 characters per line

    2) You can start the address on line 1 and finish it on line 2


    For additional assistance please reply to our customer support department via e-mail and they will assist you.

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    Hi Nissim,


    Thank you for your answers. Yes the customer support department had replied to my email.


    Another question is, can I request my card to be delivered to a shipping address or to a PO Box which is different from my home address but it is within the same city or country? Please confirm.  Thanks again.

  • NissimNissim Head of Community Administrator Posts: 3,604 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can request to have the card shipped to a PO Box that you own, yes. You can also request to have it shipped to an alternate shipping address, however it needs to be addressed to you and cannot be a public address.

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