Can i receive money from alipay global business to my payoneer account in USD?

hello everyone, i have a question : so i have an aliexpress seller account and i ant to withdraw my earnings from alipay gobal business to my payoneer global payment service in USD, so can i recieve the money or no?
PS : they asked for Swift code but i coudln't find it in my Global payment service USD accounts so how can i do ?

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  • Hannah_Payoneer
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    Hey there @HalfRise

    To view the details of your Global Payment Service please follow these instructions:

    1. Please go to your Payoneer Account
    2. Click on the "Receive" menu
    3. Select the "Global Payment Service" tab
    4. Select the relevant currency to view the details

    Please make sure that the payments you are receiving are matching the currency that you are trying to link to Alipay

    As the USD Global Payment Service is only designed to receive payments from Company Bank accounts based in the United States