What is my dispute status?

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On March 3, 2013 my card was cloned and I immediately alerted the Payonner by phone. My card was blocked, but all the money from my account had been used in unauthorized transactions. 
The next day, I sent all the forms by email about the disputes of irregular transactions. Support informed me that the deadline for the return would be up to 90 days.
When completed 90 days I sent a new email to support asking about my case then informed me that the forms were processed by the responsible team on the 13th only.
90 days have passed long ago (now complete 113 days), I have already sent an email to the support 4 days ago and so far no response to my case.
I am very disappointed with the assistance of Payonner and I feel very hurt by the whole situation. I'm from Brazil and I'm honestly thinking about looking for local authorities for the measures to be taken.



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    I'm sorry to hear that your card was charged without your authorization. I see that your dispute files were received on March 7 and the dispute was filed with MasterCard on March 13.


    I have escalated your pending inquiry to a supervisor from our chargeback department and you will receive an update within the next few days.


    If there are any additional issues please send me a PM and I will be happy to assist.

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