EV SSL (Green bar) certificate?

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When I first visited the Payoneer website's "secure" section, I had to do a double take and investigate whether this site was the real one or a phising-fake. The reason is - I am used to "credible" sites - especially those associated with financial institutions - to have an EV-SSL (Green bar) certificate.


I have a small home-based e-business and I had no problem getting an EV-SSL certificate once I had filled ouit the paperwork they wanted and supplied the necessary supporting documents. I'm sure it would be even more straight forward for a US based company.


It seems a big oversight for a company like Payoneer to not use EV-SSL.


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    Our site is secured by DigiCert High Assurance CA-3, which meets or exceeds the security standards of EV-SSL. 


    I'll certainly pass on your suggestion to our security team, however.

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    Thanks for your response.


    The security standards are the same whether it's a sub-$10 RapidSSL / PositiveSSL certificate or a EV SSL certificate. I'm talking about instantly visible credibility, and for this EV-SSL is the only option IMHO.

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    I understand, and it's a great suggestion. Thanks for taking the time to post and share with us :)


    I've already passed it on to our product team.

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