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Paying Airbnb with payoneer card

Ulises72 Member Posts: 2
Hello, everybody. I have been trying to add my payoneer card as a payout method on airbnb but it hasn't worked. I read somewhere that I should contact payoneer support center to partner my card with airbnb. Is that how it works? I can't find the contact email address for payoneer. Any information will be much appreciated!


  • Hannah_Payoneer
    Hannah_Payoneer Confirm Email, Member Posts: 449 ✭✭✭

    Hey @Ulises72

    Please note that your Payoneer Account can be used to receive payments from multiple accounts and mass payout companies.

    In order to link your Airbnb account to your existing account, please perform the following steps:

    Log in to your Airbnb account.
    1. In your online account, select Payoneer as your payment method. Then you will be directed to our registration page.
    2. Please click "Already have a Payoneer account? Click Here!". (This will usually appear on the upper right corner)
    3. Verify your personal details.
    4. Select your payment method.

    You can view the steps in this blog post