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I have ordered a new card via DHL and did receive an email notification, pasted at the end. However I haven't received a tracking number and the $60 fee hasn't been deducted from my Payoneer balance as yet so I'm not really sure if the card has been ordered.


I use the Payoneer card to withdraw money from oDesk and have just received an email from them saying my account has been put on hold due to the Payoneer card expiring so cannot withdraw funds until my card has arrived.


Please can you check for me and provide me with the tracking number so I don't have to stress about being able to draw money.





Dear Thomas,


Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card has been issued!

Your card will be shipped by DHL Your card is estimated to arrive between 25 Jun 2013 and 27 Jun 2013.

Please note: any available account balance will be automatically loaded to the new card upon activation.

Your reference number in our system is 576270.
Please refer to this number when contacting us regarding your application.


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    Hi. Please note that indeed your card has been shipped via DHL as per your request. You should receive your tracking number from DHL by today, since it takes within 3 business days to receive it after the card has been issued.

    The shipping fee will be deducted once you receive and activate your card.


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  • daniel2008daniel2008 Member Posts: 2

    Never received tracking number?

  • RobiakRobiak Member Posts: 22

    i've the same problem here reference number in system is 2375806

    didn't got any tracking number even after 3 days since it should be issued.

  • RobiakRobiak Member Posts: 22

    Ops :phew: sorry for my previous post ! cause once i posted it didn't checked me email before, Found the tracking is already sent to me now i'm looking so silly :stuff:


    Love you payoneer

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