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Can You Withdraw USD Cash Via ATM Anywhere Payoneer Is Supported?

HussHKY Member Posts: 2

I work online and travel a lot. To keep it brief, I want to make sure before I order the Payoneer Card that I will be able to use it to withdraw funds in USD from my Payoneer account without having to set up a bank account in each country individually.

In other words, I want to be able to simply walk to an ATM, insert my Payoneer card, and withdraw money as I move between countries where I don't have a bank account.

I'm currently based in Turkey, so country-specific advice in this regard would also be appreciated (i.e. if there are currently any potential issues for Payoneer ATM withdrawals in Turkey).

I know where Payoneer is supported and where it's not, but I'm asking in case there are any "hidden" issues. I don't want to order the card only for it to fail me in the end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!