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First of all, please forgive my english. I've read whole help section but still have a few questions about your service.


1. If I understand correctly when I sign up to your service I have to choose between Mastercard debit card

or Global Bank Transfer service account type. Is there a way to have it both, meaning: to have debit card

to pay for little expanses AND to be able to transfer remaining funds to my bank account?


If no is it possible to change from one account type (debit card) to Global Bank Transfer later?


If no is it possible to have 2 diffrent accounts then?



2. Can I pay with your mastercard debit card for online purcheses as easily as with CREDIT cards?

Or services like Hostgator, namecheap. They accept mastercard, visa credit cards, will your debit card work as well?


3. Is it possible to change my account details and bank account number in Global Bank Transfer version later?

example: sign up as an individual, and later change it to corporate account?


4. Can I see pricing/fees for mastercard debit card and Global Bank Transfer before I Sign up?


5. Is it possible to transfer money from Payoneer to PayPal with your MasterCard? I don't see any reason why i wouldn't work

but than I read this











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    Please note that you are allowed to have the Payoneer Prepaid Debit card and our Global Bank Transfer with your accounts with different partners (you cannot have the same payment method for the same paying company).

    You can use our card to make transactions online, at stores and withdraw funds at any ATM around the world where they accept MasterCard Debit. Our cards work exactly like any other MasterCard.

    You may sign up with a bank account to our Global Bank Transfer service and later on change it if needed- please note we will request a proof of ownership of the business if you provide a bank account under a company name.

    You can indeed see all the applicable fee for both the prepaid card and the Global Bank Transfer at the moment of registration.

    Please note that while we offer a service to receive funds from Paypal and other US companies with our US Payment Service, we do not offer a service to transfer funds to Paypal. However, you may use your card to make transactions on their website.


    Payoneer Director of Community 


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