PayPal issue

nononono Member Posts: 7

i have  received  my payoneer  master card 



and  i tried  to  add  bank   into  my paypal account    and   paypal say     you cant  add  bank  at this time 



i realy  need  to transfer my paypal  money  to  my payoneer master card    but  paypal   said  u cant  add  bank  at this  time



what can i do  now    please help 


  • i99ki99k Member Posts: 11

    have you searched the forum before making this thread ? anyways, everyone is having the same problem, referring you to this thread here .

  • andarteccaandartecca Member Posts: 17 ✭✭

    not a payoneer problem


    it is from paypal  please allow time paypal work on this

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