how i know if my card is approved

YouzKingYouzKing Member Posts: 3

hello ^^


i have received my card and i entered the card number in my account , is that is enough to approve my card ?

because when i want yo use it on an ATM it don't respond , the machine want to wallows !!! 

and i have 6.32$ in the card !


thanks for helping ^^ 


  • andarteccaandartecca Member Posts: 17 ✭✭

    yes when you received the card and active it with pin  will approved


    you can't not withdraw 6.32   you need about 12 usd to withdraw money from atm since atms  not allow to withdraw less than 10 usd and remember their a fee when  you withdraw money and if delicine too

  • YouzKingYouzKing Member Posts: 3

    ohh thanks ^^ thank you ^^ 

    and something else , i want know what is the date of Exp of my card ^^

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