USPS so unclear when it comes to get paid

There's a huge difference between what payoneer says he provides and the way they provide it .  If since the beginning they've to tell their future customers - who  will be paying 30$ per year for Mastercard account maintenance - how the USPS works, I'm sure most will not suscribe . It's just frustrating ! Everytime you discover something new. You have to submit a,b,c documents, you have to wait few days , it takes basically 1-7 days, under process, and to get a reply YOU may have to registed to a FORUMS , complain and if you're lucky they will do something for you. That's not a way to do business... So disappointed.... I provided ALL information, screenshots, and next time will be to provide a photo to check if am not an alien and get this damn payment approved!


Guys, you need to review your processes ... if am not right , then am the last idiot on earth!!!!


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    I am also a victim of USPS. When i applied for it, i got approved and was told i can start using the service. I started making my withdrawals about 2 which went thru and even received my money on my card. But when i made a 3rd withdrawal it stayed pending for a week and afterwards i got a message from USPS that my application for the use of the service has been rejected. And my withdrawal was bounced back to my paypal account 2 days later.


    Who can help me understand this? Does it mean can nolonger use the payoneer card to withdrawal my payments?



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    Hi Guys,


    Thank you for your feedback. I do apologize if you have not been fully satisfied with our US Payment Service. For all users, before using the service I suggest reading this post:


    The US Payment Service is a payment solution intended to receive business related payments. As a fully regulated US company we are required to collect certain documents and verify certain information, to comply with online payment regulations.


    @Liroware7: I'm sorry if your pending inquiries were delayed. This feedback will certainly be passed on and we will do our best to correct any issues for the future. If you still have any pending issues with your US Payment Service please send me a PM.

  • edrisaafricanedrisaafrican Member Posts: 5

    Ok thanks Adim for that clarrification.


    Actually the activities i do are business related though my paypal account was previously personal one and probably it is the reason why USPS rejected my application for their service.


    But right now i have upgraded it to business account in order to do my businesses better. Does it mean that i can reapply for the USPS? i really need it.

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    You can send an e-mail to our support team with a detailed explanation of your source of income (for the new business) and we will review your request to re-apply for the US Payment Service.

  • edrisaafricanedrisaafrican Member Posts: 5

    i have sent the email

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