Activate Us Payment Service

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i  have  problems  with   activate  us payment  on  paypal       i received   message      u cant  add  this  bank  now


and  i  send   to payoneer     ask   for  activate  my  us payment  service    



i   received  this  message  from  payoneer


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email.


This is an automatic reply. Our Customer Support staff will contact you within 4 business days.

Kindly note that you can always go to your My Account for information relating to your account history.

To help track your inquiry we have generated a unique ticket number: LTK1215303596848X. Please use this ticket number in any further communication.


Payoneer Customer Support




but  my  paypal    said    u cant  add  bank  this  time   again 



i cant  verifed   my paypal 



and  i cant   send  money  from  paypal  to  payoneer


please   someone  help  me  to activate  paypal 


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