Got an email from payoneer: one of your customers wants to send me a payment but my balance is 0

Hello to everybody I got an email from Payoneer saying:

xxxxxxxx xxx wants to send you a payment of xxxx.xx by Payoneer

This is the payment description of the payment: x

To receive your payment:

Click in the button below to login in Payoneer. Your user name is xxxxxxxxx

In the page of the verification center, you need to provide us with some basic data about your business making click in the Online verification of commercial activity > Business profile

After providing this information you can receive your payment from xxxxxxx immediately. We will also inform xxxxxxxxx that they can complete the payment.

I already provided Payoneer with the things they required for verification and it says the status is pending, but I still cannot see the payment of xxxx in my balance why is this? I'm worried about it.