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I have just created account. USD receiving account is not shown in receiving account.
I have tried to communicate via following method:

1. Tried Live chat - Always request cancelled. (I tried mentioned working hour)
2. Submitted "Request", it's always auto resolved with an email guide which is not perfect to resolve this.
3. Called helpline. Submitted my Customer ID, and they said I they are not currently provide support via phi


  • Hannah_Payoneer
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    Thank you for contacting Payoneer @cspatel
    We understand that you have newly registered to Payoneer and your account may not be enabled with the USD Payment Service receiving account if you are located in the United States. Kindly note that this is a recently carried out business decision.
    We apologize for the inconvenience this could have caused, and we really appreciate your understanding.

  • toncrus
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    When I registered with Payoneer, you could have an account in the United States to receive payments from "PayPal"... Suddenly you can't anymore and I don't know why.
    The reason why I signed up with Payoneer is that it gave me that possibility. I need to know how to transfer PayPal money to my payoneer account. Or is it not possible anymore?
    It is unfortunate that there is also no way to receive a response from payoneer. I will have no choice but to never use it again and use other companies if they give me a solution.