I'd love to see Payoneer working with Payza

As the title says, it'll be nice if Payoneer and Payza become partners. Payza is a system like paypal, you can send, request and receive funds, It support a lot of currencys and countries, you can use their payments buttons (Like the paypal's ones) etc etc.

Full features list can be found here: https://www.payza.com/features






  • kimobabykimobaby Member Posts: 39
    edited June 2013

    yeah , i wonder why it's not listed at US payment service list lol

    i can see it's like paypal but maybe better then it already lol

    i hope they add it soon

  • SteamDzSteamDz Member Posts: 13

    Yes PLZ Payoneer Work With Payza ;(


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  • RizRiz Member Posts: 8

    Plz payoneer team do something for Payza

  • RomiRomi Community Manager Member Posts: 2,692 ✭✭✭

    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestion. We currently don't support Payza but you can use all the other companies that are on our white list :)


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  • arenduliarenduli Member Posts: 2

    PayZa is very popular and used institution for payouts,

    from Affiliate and freelancer web jobs.

    For e.g. from sites where I work

    I can aks for payouts only to PayPal or PayZa.

    PayPal not except Payoneer any more,

    and Payoneer not except PayZa.


    How to payout in this case?

    Please for suggestions.

  • vlrtvlrt Member Posts: 1

    слишком большие убытки выводить деньги с payza через вторые и третьи компании, через вас было бы просто здорово. тем более иметь много разных счетов не удобно. к тому же вы теряете прибыль не работая с payza, perfectmoney, solidtrastpay и им подобными. подумайте об этом!

  • duysonduyson Member Posts: 8

    please add payza to sender list approval

  • desidesi Member Posts: 9

    If Payoneer would work with payza, I would not want to use them again ever. Payza has several lawsuits going on  for fraud. Being involved myself in one company where  there  stole a lot of money from us, but its in the courts now.

  • joopjoop Member Posts: 1

    please do polls for payza :good:

  • buxspecialbuxspecial Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
    Romi wrote on August 26 2013, 10:03 AM: »

    Hi guys, thanks for the suggestion. We currently don't support Payza but you can use all the other companies that are on our white list :)

    Why Payza not suitable for Payoneer ?  

  • Abo RetagAbo Retag Member Posts: 1

    Please Work On Payza

  • jihad81jihad81 Member Posts: 1
    Please add Payza
  • MohsinAliMohsinAli Member Posts: 1
    Kindly add payza
  • demonicsheikhdemonicsheikh Member Posts: 5
    Payza is not stable in my opinion. They even have issues when you withdraw money to your bank or card!
  • linuxreignlinuxreign Member Posts: 1
    +1 for Payza
  • herwanherwan Member Posts: 2
    +1 for Payza to Payoneer !

    But it seems that there will be nothing new in that direction, when looking at the date of the subject, we can see that nothing has change since the beginning. Too bad.... :(
  • TahaniTahani Member Posts: 1
    I hope that payza will be added soon
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